Safety Information

Galle Plumbing employees understand that safety begins and ends with us. All operations revolve around the standards of safety, quality, and value performances. We strive to provide an incident-free, injury-free environment for our employees, owners, subcontractors, and any other person who is on a Galle Plumbing jobsite. Safety is an essential component during the planning, development, and execution stages of every project. We expect our employees to operate at an elevated safety standard. Our employees partake in daily safety meetings, job specific safety trainings, prevention talks, and a number of other safety education measures. We challenge our employees to identify unsafe conditions and situations, and we arm our employees with the knowledge of how to alter those situations. All of Galle Plumbing’s safety measures mesh together to support our safety philosophy and create the safest working environments for all. 

Galle Plumbing utilizes safety manuals that have been tailored for all situations. We also use our “Grab-n-Go Kits” which allow employees to report an incident as soon as it occurs and gives our employees the necessary steps to handle all safety situations. These materials can be found on every Galle Plumbing jobsite and also in our main office.  Our manuals include step-by-step procedures for episodes ranging from small-scale incidents to large occurrences.

 We expect all employees to take responsibility for their actions and we hold all employees accountable in every safety situation. Working safely is not just encouraged by Galle Plumbing, it is mandatory. Galle Plumbing offers its employees the training opportunities needed to keep everyone safe, no matter what the situation may be. Galle Plumbing employees attend yearly, quarterly, and many specialty trainings that are offered throughout the year. Galle employees are able to keep working conditions safe by identifying safety hazards on each jobsite and eliminating the hazards before a problem arises.  Galle Plumbing prides itself in providing safe working conditions for all and making safety the #1 priority.

 You can call our office anytime during business hours to inquire about safety trainings and specialty trainings that Galle Plumbing employees are certified in.